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Welcome to the About the Author section of "How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes".

I have been a compulsive smoker for over 18 years and it was 4 years ago when it hit me that I am doing damage to my body. You can say I started becoming more and more health conscious as time passed by. So 4 years ago, I attempted to quit smoking for the first time. Like most of you would have tried, I woke up one morning and thought I'll never smoke again. I got ready and left for work. As I was driving my car, my hands subconsciously started looking for my cigarettes. That's when I realized that hey, I am hooked on to this big time and will need to work on it. It's not as simple. But I continued the entire day watching the worst moments and the milder ones. When the withdrawal symptoms kicked in, I didn't know what to do, I literally was about to run to my doctor as I thought I was having a heart attack or something.

I never knew what a withdrawal symptom was. Honestly, I didn't. I met my neighbor standing outside and he asked me, hey everything okay, you look worried, I said I don't know what's wrong with me, I quit smoking yesterday and I am feeling very strange within, I think I am having a heart attack or something. Well, he offered to drive me to the doc but before that asked me the symptoms, I explained everything - headache, weird feeling in my throat, feeling light headed and some kind of stuff going on within my stomach. He said if you want I can take you to the doctor, but I think these are just withdrawal symptoms, drink lot of water and they will subside.

I drank water, it got better but not all the way and I lit a cigarette. The symptoms were GONE. I researched more on this and learnt all about withdrawal symptoms. So now I knew what it was and thought to quit smoking, I'll need to know what happens after quitting and make a plan to quit. It is very strange but from that day on, I felt as if I have a VIRUS called SMOKING that is determined to put me down and I have to fight it. I spent a lot of time smoking, then quitting and seeing how long could I go and after trying out pretty much everything, I finally WON.

During this battle, I started interacting with more smokers and would email them my discoveries, ideas and suggestions via email. Believe you me, I had people on my email list who quit a long time before I did. So I think it is just a matter of what works for you and what doesn't. Since I was in the battle form, I was trying different things and I didn't just want to quit smoking cigarettes, but I wanted to quit wanting cigarettes. I wanted my mind to tell me, I don't want to smoke and if you try to give me smoke without my will, I will reject it.

So coming back to the point, I am a proud winner now and I have defeated the VIRUS. Also in this whole process, I fell in love with myself so much that I want to live now, I want to admire nature, do lot of outdoor stuff, visit new places and find things that will excite me in a very healthy way. I started exercising now because I now have more stamina, I have started eating healthy, mostly only organic food, even meats I would eat organic or natural to avoid the steroids and chemicals that are fed to animals for making them bigger than what they are supposed to be.

This email that I used to send to friends, is now my Quit Smoking Newsletter and everything that I tried is now "How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes" website.

I welcome you here and recommend you to bookmark this site and subscribe to my newsletter if you are concerned about your health and I will send across information that you will enjoy reading, and also will help you live a healthy, happy life.