Side Effects of Chantix (Varenicline) Tablets by Pfizer

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

There is a big hype about the new medicine that physically trains your brain to not like smoking. This is called Chantix and it is manufactured in Ireland by Pfizer Labs.

Chantix is not an over the counter medicine and you do require a doctor's prescription to get this. Chantix works on your brain by blocking the nicotine receptors so that you stop enjoying smoking. So there are a lot of things the doctor wants to know about your moods, stress, depression, etc, and after the doctor thinks you can have it, he/she would prescribe Chantix to you.

Just like any other medicine (advil, tylenol, etc), Chantix also has some side effect that are supposedly a little more intense than the others. The common side effects are
  - Nausea
  - Insomnia
  - Gas
  - Vomiting
  - Constipation
  - Vivid, Unusual or strange dreams.

However certain people have complained about strange hallucinations, anger, violent thoughts, suicidal thoughts, depression and more.

This is a full story of my friend Samuel Thomas, from his mouth that will tell you how the entire process worked. My friend is allergic to Sulpha Drugs and Chantix does not have any sulpher, so it is recommended by the doctor. I read some horrible stories of Chantix patients but I don't think those are entirely true. We are not against or pro Chantix so here is a full coverage of how Chantix works. But let me make a few suggestions first. Like any medicine, Chantix can have side effects. Side effects are not compulsive, which means that not everyone would have them. Some people may have side effects, while the others may not feel anything at all, so don't go crazy looking for negative reviews because those will not let you take advantage of this medicine.

Ok, Let's get started. Here is a summary of each day on chantix:
  - Day 1 on Chantix - by Samuel Thomas