Getting Started on How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

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By visiting this page you have shown your interest in quitting cigarette smoking. One day you will thank yourself for this moment.


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As you are aware, Cigarette Smoking (or smoking any tobacco products) have a huge list of negative effects on your body, mind, family life, social life, professional life and the lives of others around you. Before you go any further, just read the below negative effects and think of the ones that apply to you. It is recommended that you write these down and keep it somewhere where it is visible for you.

REASON FOR ABOVE STEP: By reading the negative effects of smoking on your life, your subconscious mind will register it and every time you decide smoke, it will make you think of it. It is important to realize and to know that smoking is damaging you.


A) Affects of Smoking on your Body:
1. When lit, cigarette paper and tobacco discharge more than 2000 chemicals that are absorbed by your body. These chemicals are responsible for the following:
    - Lung Cancer
    - Mouth Cancer
    - Throat Cancer
    - Asthma / Bronchitis
    - Lung Nodule Generation (sometimes cancerous)
    - Gum Infections
    - Tooth Infections
    - And a lot more ...

2. Tobacco tar forms a layer inside your mouth and throat and makes your breath smell very bad. In extreme cases non smokers relate this smell to that of dead meat.
3. Shortness of Breath (ever tried running for a mile without a break ?)
4. Affects your vision
5. Smoking affects your smelling power
6. Smoking affects your taste buds and food doesn't take as good as it really is
7. Smoking hits your brain and reduces your memory, the more you smoke, your memory keeps getting poorer.

B) Affects of Smoking on your Mind:
1. Smoking makes you lose confidence as you know you smell of cigarettes.
2. Smoking makes you feel weak as you are dependent on cigarettes for helping you with your moods.
3. Smoking makes you unlikable to some who don't like smokers. You know it and dread meeting people like that.
4. No matter how much mint you eat or perfumes you spray, you can not stand close to someone and talk.
5. You develop a habit of checking your breath before meeting people.

C) Affects of Smoking on your Family Life:
  1. Smoking is the worst thing you can do to your kids. Not only do children born to smokers are ligher than average in size but also their brain gets affected and is not as developed as children born to non smoking / healthy parents. Besides this, children usually want to do things their parents do. So by just smoking in front of them, or near them, you encourage them to smoke, so that they can be like you. Think Again.

  2. Face it, you smell like an ashtray.
Your spouse or kids (who don't smoke) would feel apprehensive in coming close to you.
This in itself brings a lot of unpleasantness to one's life.

  3. Smoking is not FREE.
You spend $3, $4, $6, $7 on cigarettes each day. This amount adds up to be huge by the end of the month or year. Imagine spending more than $2000 per year on smoking. You could buy a huge plasma tv for this price or a nice DLP projector with a sound surround system or the top of the line digital camera or just pay your car's installments with this money instead. So Smoking is making you lose that money.

  4. You get uncomfortable when you have guests over who don't smoke.

Just imagine how great your life will become the day you quit smoking.

To keep yourself motivated just note down and remember these factors. Once you do this, proceed to Which Quit Method Should I Choose for Quitting Cigarettes.