"Are You Aware that it can take anywhere between 10 to 15 years, after you quit smoking, for your body to clear itself of all the toxins you accumulated by smoking tobacco?"

This Guide will show you how you can cleanse your system in a few months using some natural techniques and vitamins

If you are a smoker who has been smoking for some time, have developed a persistent cough, smell like an ashtray and have tried quitting smoking but to no avail, OR or an ex smoker who smoked for several years before finally Quitting Cigarettes, then LungDetox is the answer to your health questions.

LungDetox is a revolutionary program that not only helps you clear your lungs of tar and toxins that had accumulated there over the years, but also effectively stops your smoking and craving for smoking

LungDetox is an e-book that was written as a true experience of a chain smoker who had stopped smoking after following the lung detoxification program of LungDetox. With this Lung detoxification, not only do you get clean lungs, but you also experience a beneficial effect on your whole body.

  Clear Lungs - Helps you breathe better and reduces the risk of lung cancer.

  Clean Blood Vessels - Regulates your blood flow, reduces risk of a heart attack.

  Regulated Blood Supply - also reduce your risk of a stroke.

  Body Rejects Toxins - You get a stronger immune system and aid in quitting smoking.

  Removes Smoke Smell from Body - Helps clean your throat that makes you smell bad.

  Healthy Living - Overall you will feel healthier and less prone to diseases and cancers.

Clean your Lungs

LungDetox works on the principle that with clean and clear lungs, it is easier to stop smoking because your body starts rejecting the toxins that it re-introduces to your body. People who have used Lung Detox as a method of quitting cigarettes, have a high success rate. If you work at natural lung detoxification, doctors say that you require a minimum of fifteen years to make your lungs look pink and healthy from its clogged and black look when you were smoking. However with LungDetox, it is possible to restore lungs within a few months if not weeks.

Combination approach of LungDetox

LungDetox follows a combination approach to help you stop smoking. It uses an aversion therapy to help you stop smoking by showing you what you do to yourself by smoking. You learn about the black and clogged lungs that develop with smoking, and the health consequences it brings about to your body. This approach can be compared to the negative statements used in hypnosis sessions to stop smoking.

The second therapy used in LungDetox is the detox aspect where a mystery vitamin works at breaking down toxins that are stored in your lungs, so that they get flushed out of your body within a year’s time. Basically, the vitamins used help in breaking down the nicotine and tar particles that have accumulated on the lungs, so that they can be removed from the lungs more easily.

The Lung detoxification system works not only cleansing your body system, it also helps you fight your smoking addiction by creating hatred towards cigarette smoke. It is interesting to learn that LungDetox also helps in weight loss as people tend to gain weight once they quit smoking; so you stand to benefit by stopping smoking and also losing weight with LungDetox.

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Vitamins that work as lung cleansers

LungDetox works in stopping you smoking with a combination of the right food supplements, vitamins and exercises to help remove all toxins from the lungs. These vitamins work as a lung cleanser, an antidote to nicotine, helps you get rid of plaque in the lungs and also helps reduce the risk of a heart attack and strokes.

By taking these vitamins in the prescribed dosage, it is possible to break up all the toxins found in the lungs and thus flush out the toxins into the blood and then out of the body through the natural cleansing process of the body.

Besides breaking up the built up toxins in the body, the vitamin also acts as an antidote to the fumes that enter your body while smoking. This helps you get rid of your smoking habit for good as it suppresses the normal nicotine withdrawal symptoms you feel when you try to stop smoking. There is additional assurance of this through the effective exercises shown in LungDetox that helps in Lung detoxification.

Stopping smoking will not get rid of these toxins; it is only with the right Lung detoxification will you be able to remove all toxins from lungs.

People who have been smoking for more than a year have lungs that look like a factory’s chimney that are charred and black with smoke. Nicotine and tar tends to form a residue on the lungs; and as cigarette tar has carcinogenic substances in it, there is a chance of developing cancer because of this. Stopping smoking will not get rid of these toxins; it is only with the right Lung detoxification will you be able to remove all toxins from lungs.

Smokers generally think that they inhale only some of the smoke they smoke. However in reality, they exhale only 10% of the smoke they inhale, and the remaining 90% heads for and lands in their lungs. This is how smokers get ‘chimney’ like and colored lungs.

That's Not All. LungDetox Also has Several Additional Benefits and Yes, We have a Special Offer for You!

An additional benefit of following the LungDetox program is that it also offers you many psychological advantages to you. It helps free you from anxiety attacks and other symptoms that accompany deteriorating lungs.

You also learn how it is possible to set aside the stress and pressures of your day to day life so that you can life in peace and calmness. In the process, you experience increased vitality and look at life in a completely different retrospective.

Besides acting as an antidote to nicotine, LungDetox helps eliminate that plaque that builds up in your blood vessels because of oil and fatty foods and of course, smoking. This helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. With plaque removed, and blood cholesterol levels brought under control and of course, stopping smoking, the risk of your dying of a heart attack or a stroke is reduced.

Lung Detox Special Offer for you: Cost of four packs of cigarettes

And cost wise, LungDetox e-book is equivalent to the cost of four packs of cigarettes, which is about $35. So if you normally spend $35 on your cigarettes everyday, and to bring death closer to you, you can make a one time investment of $35 for LungDetox and learn how it is possible to stop smoking for good and to never even think of trying smoking once again!

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Please Note: This product will be provided to you by lungdetox.com and they will handle your payments as well. For any questions regarding the product, please contact their support team at contact@lungdetox.com.

No addictions or side effects

Unlike most programs used to stop smoking, with LungDetox, you can naturally and easily stop your smoking habit. After taking the specified vitamins, you gradually stop smoking and develop an aversion towards smoking, without having to use any gum chewing, patches or placebos of any sort to stop smoking. This way, you don’t end up your smoking addiction and in the process, start another addiction!

There are no special side effects associated with LungDetox. The most you may experience are some gastrointestinal disorders, some withdrawal symptoms of smoking, extra thirst and perhaps, a feeling of sickness. However once the program works on your body, thought of a cigarette starts making you feel sick.



"Works like a gem. I had quit smoking 3 years back, but only after using LungDetox did I feel as if I was ever healed."
- Peter

"Does what it says. I quit smoking after one month of reading this product, my body actually started rejecting cigs."
- Mark

"Worth every penny. Healthwise, I feel great ... never felt like this in years"
- Steve

"I actually felt as if I was getting toxin free with every passing day."
- Paul

"Clears your lungs, you could feel it. You can quit smoking but it needs dedication."
- Rick

100% Guaranteed

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