Video: Smoking Causes Throat Cancer, Try Singing as a motivation to quit

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

Do you love or would love to Sing

Singing is fun, singing is great. But bad news for smokers, smoking damages your lungs and also the nicotine deposits in your throat make your voice hoarse. If you love to sing or would love to learn how to sing, replace that with your smoking. Quit smoking for a reason. Quit smoking because you want a good voice, because you want to sing, because you want to be able to sing well.

There are several exercises including some breathing exercises that you need to do for singing, which would do the opposite of what smoking does to you - it makes your voice better, it makes your breath flow in and out smoother and it makes your lungs healthier.

So if you stop smoking and start singing, whatever exercises you do during your practice sessions, will help you quit and also realize what smoking has done to your body. And Singing is a great way to motivate yourself because as you practice singing every day, you will see a noticeable difference in your voice. You will see how you go from bad to better, to good, to great. And the better you become at singing, the farther you'll get from even the thought of smoking.

You will need to fight the withdrawal symptoms, but once you are beyond them, you'll never want to come back to smoking.

This has worked for some who really wanted to go ahead and learn singing. So let the art of singing be your motivation.

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