90 Days after Quitting Smoking Cigarettes

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

Total Money Saved by Not Smoking Cigarettes: $1012.5

Now I can confidently call this a success story as more than 3 months have gone by and I have totally gotten used to living without cigarettes. My mind, my body, and people around me have adapted to this new lifestyle (actually, let me say - this very healthy and happy lifestyle) and have benefited greatly from it.

You read my story of how I dealt with my first few days of quitting, cravings and all the hurdles, but I just can't tell you how amazing a smoke free life is. The amount of confidence that I have gained is unmeasurable and everything has improved, in all aspects.

Benefits in Work Environment
The most negatively affected area when I used to smoke was the professional life. Due to dependence on nicotine I had to take so many breaks during work and those breaks lead to low concentration and very low production. Since I quit smoking cigarettes, I could easily sit and work for a stretch of 4-5 hours with a very high concentration and focus.

Besides this, there is a significant improvement in how people spoke to me earlier. The Reasons being that my voice is much softer (often considered politer) and I don't smell of tobacco smoke anymore. This definitely has increased the willingness of my colleagues to hang out with me more and also my professional relationships with my clients have increased.

It is not that I don't like my smoking colleagues anymore, but just because I don't smoke, I don't run out the door the moment we have a break giving me a chance to speak to people I never spoke to because I would smoke when my break started and would usually smoke till the last moment and rush back in. So I did get a chance to make friends with some people I never interacted with before. And yes, the smoker friends are still my friends so I get the best of both worlds. And as you can see, my work place has become an interesting place for me to be :)

Benefits in Family Life
Are you kidding me?
My family totally loves it. Kids are all over me and I notice them being closer than they were before. Not that they said anything nasty to me before, but subconsciously I think they are programmed to be repelled by smoke smell and get attracted to good fragrances, so that's a big plus and the relationship between me and my spouse is also closer now. I won't get too personal here but you have to see your spouse sleeping with her face towards you, close to yours, and still at peace to understand what I mean. Earlier it would be hard for her to face me because of the non-stop tobacco smell that I would emit.

My house is cleaner, no cigarette butts outside my house, and neither do I keep the doors open, or have ashtrays lying around so it is a better and purer place than before as far as the pollution and cigarette stink is concerned.

Yes I save a lot of money now and if you look at my case study, you will know what I am talking about.
I spent a lot of my money saved from cigarettes on buying some top of the line colognes, body washes and other fragrant products and it just takes things to another dimension. You know how it feels to meet someone who smells good, well, I do see that on people's faces now and enjoy that more than ever.

There is no part of my life that hasn't improved and now nothing can take me back to smoking ... NOTHING.

And what amazes me most is the fact that it was so easy. Just a piece of cake, really ... All I had to do was to mentally prepare myself, make myself aware of the effects of smoking on my health and then ... just not smoke. If you or your loved ones are addicted to smoking, just know that it is really easy to quit and get used to another lifestyle because this lifestyle is better. You tend to like better in life and soon you will have to remind yourself that you ever smoked.