Which Quit Method Should I Choose to Quit Smoking

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

There are several quit methods for you to quit smoking. Which one would work for you, is hard to say, but I would recommend starting with the safest one, and see how you fair on it. If you slip and can't quit, try the next one. I strongly believe that trying, missing / slipping, trying again is a good exercise and makes you stronger each time you try to quit. Though many people think otherwise, I know that I was successful and I tried all methods and in the end, found what worked for me. So don't think that if you try once and fail, you can never quit smoking. If you try and fail, it means you learnt your weakness and next time you will be more prepared.

So I would recommend a few methods of quitting in an order from the safest (no side effects) to the more medical in nature ones. Try out the safer ones first and if you do not succeed, move on to the next one.
A. Quit Smoking the Cold Turkey way
It is not an assumption, I know people personally who just decided to quit smoking one day and never touched it again. This is the safest way to quit smoking as it does not involve any external medication or artificial stimulation.

B. Quit Smoking with HypnoTherepy (Hypnosis)
Hypnosis is a good way to approach quitting. It works on one principle, it makes your subconscious mind understand the ill affects of smoking and wants your mind to quit. This works for a huge percentage of people, should work for you too.

C. Quit Smoking with Nicotine Gums
Nicotine gums are chewing gums that contain some nicotine in them. When you chew these gums, the nicotine is sent to your brain signaling it to stop cigarette cravings. It does contain nicotine, but is much safer than smoking cigarettes.

D. Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes (eCigarettes)
eCigarettes are new to the industry, but they are a good way to get rid of smoking real cigarettes. As a matter of fact, even if you keep smoking these eCigarettes (or should I say, if you replace real cigarettes with this) you will cut down 98% of the risks of diseases.

E. Quit Smoking with Nicotine Patches
Nicotine Patches are again a new discovery in this industry and has helped millions of people quit smoking. They are easy to use and work great. If you have tried the methods above and failed, this should make you a winner.

F. Quit Smoking with Laser Therapy
Now when I say LASER, don't start imagining a thin red line of light entering your chest and doing something there. Laser Therapy is done using very low level laser energy and is passed to your energy centers to stop craving. Laser Therapy has the FASTEST quitting methods. There are people who became non-smokers for good in less than 30 minutes.

G. Quit Smoking with Chantix
Chantix is the newest medicine by Pfizer, in the market. This medicine unlike anything else, goes and blocks your nicotine receptors so you stop enjoying cigarettes. You can smoke for the first 7 days of taking this medicine. However, you need a doctor's prescription to get it.

H. Quit Smoking with QuitSmart
Developed by the Director of the Duke University Quit Smoking Clinic, Quit Smart has been proven most effective in three published scientific studies. In a study conducted at five U.S. Airforce bases, 66% of those who participated in a Quit Smart Quit Smoking program were still smoke free after 6 months, versus 16 to 30% of those who participated in four other well-known quit smoking programs (published in Federal Practitioner, March 2002, pages 13-22).
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